​​Living My Dream Yoga

Christine Connolly  RN, BSN

Certified 500 hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher​
​Reiki ll Practitioner

Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher

I received my 200 hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA in February 2013. I completed the additional 300 hour trainings in December 2017;  now certified as a 500 hour Kripalu Yoga teacher, I am truly  "living my dream."  I thought of this journey as only
dream, but today the practice, the philosophy, the freedom I experience as
​I live yoga on and off the mat is immeasurable. 

I began my journey 30 years ago by suggestion of a very wise mentor in my life as a means to slow down and relieve stress.  Little by little, the practice of yoga began to transform my mind, body and renew my spirit.  The gentle approach of Kripalu yoga allowed me to choose the level of physical intensity right for my body.  Kripalu yoga asks each individual to listen to their body and honor its needs. 

I am also a registered nurse with 40+ years of nursing experience which includes working on a medical surgical floor in a hospital setting, home care visits, public health nursing and as a community health clinical nursing instructor for a Community College.  I am Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher and also a Reikii II practitioner. 

While practicing and teaching yoga, my intention is to be a guide to help others learn and use the tools and philosophy of yoga to live a healthy lifestyle to the fullest on and off the mat.  My goal is to provide a kind and gentle nature that encourages each individual to tap into oneself and experience the joy and complete sense of freedom that lies within each of us.

​Kripalu yoga is a gentle, meditative style of yoga that includes breath work (pranayama), warm up movements (pratapana), postures (asanas) including restorative poses (using props to support the body), mudras (hand gestures), meditation and more.  In the practice of Kripalu yoga, you are guided to move at your own pace, honoring your body's needs in each moment.  The Kripalu approach to yoga is a compassionate, non-judgmental self-inquiry.  Using this style of yoga, my classes are designed to cultivate a relaxed state in the body and in the mind.

Yoga is known to encourage balance, improve core strength and increase range of motion, flexibility and relaxation.  Students are encouraged to be mindful of the needs of their individual body through the process of self inquiry with an attitude of curiosity and compassion.  


Living My Dream Yoga